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In Fall 2018, Audiograph came together as a new formation of the already established Calgary premiere dance band, Audio Graffiti.

New to the Calgary Region of Alberta, Yvonne set out to join a kick-ass cover band and it just so happened that Oliver was looking for a new kick-ass project. That new project became a mix of tunes from Oliver’s dance-oriented Audio Graffiti and Yvonne’s Winnipeg classic rock band, Highway 59. Out of this, Audiographwas born. Kenny, having been in projects with Oliver for years, fortunately, decided he wanted to be in this new kick-ass band, too. To round out the sound, Ian leapt off the “bass player wanted” ads and into the band. Yes, rock n’ roll dreams do come true!

It won’t be a party without you. Come out and let’s dance! You will hear tunes from yesterday and today by such favourite artists as U2, Journey, AC/DC, Alanis Morrisette, The Pretenders, DNCE, and many more!