Tipsy Pig Pub

Dessert and Beverages

Dessert and Beverages

    • Desserts

    • Chocolate Lava Cake

      Chocolate Lava Cake


      A delicious chocolate cake filled with chocolate syrup, served with ice cream, whipped cream and a toasted cinnamon wafer.


    • Beverages

    • Iced Tea, Fruit Juice


      Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple, Clamato

    • Soda Pop


      Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite. Canada Dry


    • Non-carbonated beverages


      Iced Tea, Fruit Juice: Apple, orange, cranberry, pineapple


    • Coffee or tea

    • Hot chocolate

    • Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

    •  Non-alcoholic Beer


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